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i might have to get this toy, just to have it: usb classical fan.


i must have been less than or near to 10 years old when i did a barefoot cartwheel at the park by my childhood home and landed my big toe squarely on a broken piece of glass from a soda bottle. i remember trying to run/hobble home with my toe in the air, using only my...


yesterday, on the way to work, i decided that i want a new car. a 2008 vw rabbit, to be exact… so now i can’t stop thinking about zipping around town in a cute little 5-speed, 2-door with the sunroof open.

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local businessman and fellow commenter, rusty, asks, Does this mean yr student loan is paid off? unfortunately, no… about a year ago, i consolidated my loans in order to lock in at a fixed interest rate which both lowered my monthly payment, and took the...


probably not… shortly over five years ago, i got hitched. my family threw a drizzle* for me, and one gift was a box of envelopes. i remember mentioning how it would hold me through my student loans. for our honeymoon, we went to las vegas, where i realize my...