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so, we went to prairie du chien today for gramma’s 80th. it was a swell time. we haven’t hung out with the extended family since christmas. i got to see beth in her 6th month of preggerness, and all the cousin’s kids are getting bigger and cuter....


so, i guess some “kids” were causing a ruckus last night on our street. complete with a pellet gun resulting in joe’s new car’s window getting busted. but for some reason, there’s nothing on the press release site.

eff it.

i need to start keeping track of everything we’re gunna need: dehumidifier, shop-vac, shovel, rake, garbage bins these are things i want: composter, rain barrel, gardening supplies, wood burning apparatus


who knew… 6 years ago, i was a couple weeks out of college, waiting to have my first day at my current employer. i held both the relay job and this one for about a week and a half while i worked out my two-week’s notice. i was awfully tired. i can’t...