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we just spent the last 2.5 hours cleaning 19 mini blinds. now we’re taking a break before we clean 19 windows. omg.

thank goodness

a huge weight has been lifted. the lady at the vet is more than willing to take rinky and tinker. she’s a ferret owner, and understands their health problems, and she will take care of them. i was so relieved to hear her voice message saying she’d take...


everyone is nutty at work this week. we have several days off next week for the holiday, and a handful of people will be supplementing the vacation with extra days so all is crazy around here.


i managed to pack 16 or 17 boxes yesterday. i also am giving 5 plastic grocery bags of knitted items, coats, and miscellaneous objects to st vinnies. clothes don’t sell at a yard sale, so please don’t ask me to have one. the neighbors (upstairs and next...


i hate it. i hate “stuff”, so whytf do i have so much of it? i just filled eight beer boxes with our books and now i’m out of boxes with handles; and i haven’t even put a dent in our belongings. it’s more like a small wound. i also just...