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another review!

i just reviewed lazy jane’s on yelp. go check it out. and sign up for an account, if you’re an opinionated foody like me.

in less than a month

i’ll be 30. i’ve alluded to my unexcitement… but today i thought of what i wanted kurt to get me. keyless entry for my car. utilitarian. except; how do i keep the button from being pressed when it’s in my purse?


i just used the back of my ipod as a mirror.


so, i just realized i never officially announced getting the new position at work. i think i was waiting to tell mom at breakfast and we were interrupted by weather or something. anyway, i’m now officially an associate user experience designer. i didn’t...


i think i’m allergic to shellfish. well, raw shellfish. we had shrimp last night and i had to pull all the legs off and my fingers were itching so bad! but they tasted yummers.