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telltale bones

about 6 years ago, i broke my little finger on my left hand about 1/4″ of an inch from the knuckle attaching it to the rest of my hand. this morning, it hurt so bad right in that spot. i think it’s because of the cold, wet weather ahead.

out of luck

i order a lot of stuff. a lot of stuff gets delivered to our apt. the UPS guy knows us. the mailman knows us. i think even the FedEx guy is familiar. but i never know which company wants me to sign for what thing shipping through what place. anyways, you’d be...

notebook accessories

those who know me know that i have an orange problem. i like orange things. it’s weird. i have a workmate whose job it is to tell me when i’ve gone overboard. this includes, but is not limited to: an orange car and all orange clothes worn at once. a month...

kinda dumb

i have no idea who or what i’m voting for tomorrow. all i know is the phone is ringing off the hook with prerecorded messages of people who want my vote. i find it kinda annoying.

don’t be mad

i set up a google adsense account for my blog. i doubt it’ll bring in any money at all.. but if this podcast thing takes off, it just might. i guess this’ll also force me to come up with more better content. i figure if i get a $100 check in two years,...