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dammit. i had a whole blogpost written up about my ‘to knit’ list and what bittens are, and then i went to use the dictionary and lost the tab that i was writing in. so, i’ll cut it short by responding to mum’s comment from the previous entry:...

all hallow’s eve

we have to participate in halloween. we were told it was voluntary but it’s not. we’re spending a meeting this morning talking about it. some of us aren’t happy.

open question

companies are apparently moving toward plastic “credit” cards instead of rebate checks… i don’t mind this so much, as i rarely go to the bank; except they seem to have an unreasonable expiry, and there’s nowhere to spend the$2.02 that i...


ThinkGeek :: Water Powered Clock if only it came in orange.


but i forgot to take pictures.. :/ i just finished the knot ugly shrug for someone at work, and a stocking cap for someone at works’ fiance. i’m at work already. kurt got jones out of the bedroom to take him for a walk so i could sleep in, which woke me up...