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a few things

this morning was one of those mornings where i went from perkins on univ. ave to the “welcome to middleton” sign at branch street without even noticing the fact that i was controlling a moving vehicle. we’re getting a composter finally cuz the new...


i just made beet, carrot, apple, orange juice. according to the cancer nutrition center, if you drink straight beet juice it can paralyze your vocal chords. weird.


i haven’t rapped about the ferrets in a long time.. see, since we got jones, and they have an a/c in the bedroom; we haven’t been very good ferret owners. :/ we don’t play with them as much as we should.


i saw this truck on the way to work. i wonder if jones would hate them coming to visit. Sittin’ Pretty -=- Mobile dog and cat grooming -=- Madison Wisconsin

bumper stickers

i don’t want anything stuck to my car because of what i think of other people with things stuck to their car. especially people with “W ’04”, “marriage = 1man + 1woman”, “it’s a child, not a choice”. but two...