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not too long ago, toilet-seat cover dispensers were installed in the womens’ restrooms at work. every time i hear someone use one, i wonder what they want to be protected from… and what they did for the 8 years previous.


we received our jack lalanne juicer last week and have since used it twice. it’s marvelous! yesterday, we made orange grapfruit juice and today we made orange carrot juice. this afternoon we’re going to try some combination of spinach, celery, cucumber,...

don’t fret

sorry! i haven’t had much motivation to opine about nothing lately; so i keep it to myself. last weekend, kurt and i upgraded our cellular phones. i got a silver motorola razr. i always thought a cameraphone was a waste, but i’ve been witness to at least...


it’s been a while since i rapped at you. i haven’t been at the computer much at home; what with it being summertime and all. i finally finished the ding-dang blanket: i also made this yesterday: crochet is a funny craft.

new skill

since i don’t have the patience for spinning, i thought i’d try my hand at another yarncraft… here’s jones playing with “sidewall”: