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a good pic

here’s jones getting a treat from kurt. i’m leaning more toward the german shepherd because of the amount of brown in his fur, but i’d prefer he not get too much bigger considering he knocked me over when i got home last night!

random stuff

i haven’t started on the second tulip & gingham sock yet. i’m kinda nervous since the first one isn’t going to fit anyone but a small child… so, obviously, i have to knit the next one as thought it were the first and hope that i have...

friends and pals

you don’t care, but i’m gunna cancel my friendster account. i never use it, and it’s really for single people and those who maintain a large group of acquaintances.

those da*m socks

i knit too tight. the sock doesn’t fit over my heel, and i don’t think any amount of blocking will help. it sure looks pretty, though.

weirdly organic

i don’t remember a whole lot about last night’s dream, except for it seemed like i was on a trip with coworkers, with which i dont normally work, and i remember going to an organic restaurant that had stuff set out like a buffet, except it was done really...