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the cutest bento boxes evar. Sushi Pictures


i’ve been playing sudoku for three weeks now. this site will surely become a favorite. Web Sudoku – Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online

the boys

managed wonderfully. rinky’s bump isn’t a cyst, but a hematoma that the dr. thought would either go away or get worse. the latter would involve surgery. :/ oh, guess what. they also have ear mites; noticing which is not as easy in ferrets as in cats, say....


we just got back from lunch at the china wok buffet on university ave in middleton. it was, simply put, pretty bad. the white rice had a weird flavor, i’m not even sure the fried rice was even fried. the pile of egg rolls had one spring roll in it (which i could...

i found this cool website,

i found this cool website, kind of a zeitgeist of blogged news stories and most active topic streams. Waypath – Blog Discovery Engine