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new toy!

so, i got this today: a friend of a friend is moving and getting rid of some stuff.. so i inherited this 1940’s singer electric sewing machine. it looks to be in good shape! i don’t have any fabric to test it out on, but i have a feeling i’ll be...


i just ordered this bag. i have its older sister version, which i bought for nyc, but it’s kinda too big for just walking around this town. the fullest my current bag gets is when i’m going to work.. but for weekends and nighttimes, it seems silly.


now here’s something i need to try. it looks pretty cool. Spun Magazine: Knit Bead Bracelet


two ladies were sitting in their cars applying makeup in the parking lot at work this a.m. is this a weird morning time-saver? i don’t know. i don’t wear makeup.