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one more day

of work until i enjoy myself a five-day weekend! kurt and i might drive down to his hometown on sunday to see the sights, in mount carroll, il.

more on crafts

i got a bug today to use up some of the beads i’ve had for over 10 years. i used to make hemp necklaces and have a large collection of glass beads leftover from those times. the following are the results of my efforts over the last 2.5 hours: update: i forgot to...

crafty saturday!

(almost) every saturday, i have some people over to enjoy being crafty. last week sam was over for a little bit. i tried to get him to knit, but he wasn’t having any of it: here’s ann working on a wolf counter-cross stitch: judy, working on a tiger...

do it

if you’re a blogger. participate in mit’s study. Take the MIT Weblog Survey the server is pretty slow right now, so have patience.


i just got word that a “get together” has turned into a reunion. because 10 years ago, i graduated from high school. :/ i still don’t know if i want to go.