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my attempt to upgrade to mt 3.15 didn’t work. apparently my webhost is notorious for not supporting the most recent version.


via boingboing: remixed romance novel covers, i laughed til i cried.

last night

in celebration of the impending spinning, i broke down and ordered sushi from edo. i know i said i wouldn’t ever again, but i had a craving. i must remember though, that their spicy tuna hand rolls are shite compared to takara’s. edo’s tuna sashimi,...


i just bought a spinning wheel on ebay from new zealand. i’m nervous. and i hope it’s as awesome as i think it will be.


over the weekend, people asked how i felt, or how the apartment was without george. i said it was much quieter. which is funny because beardies don’t make noise. haven’t found a local store that sells the spinning wheel that i want.. i also don’t...