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knitting frenzy pt 2

i finished three pairs of bittens in the last couple days.. two are here. the missing pair is black, so i thought it would be self-explanitory. i also made this for someone to keep all his ipod headphones in:

host update

well, i guess they’re attempting to resolve this issue.. until that happens though, i have to check my email through a yahoo account. which totally sucks. my host said they’re being removed from the list and its “users” will be able to get...


so my (or my host’s) domain has been blacklisted and i can’t receive emails because tds uses this list. wtf.


yesterday, the ferrets surprised me with their cuteness by sleeping behind the door:

i knew it

the weekend went too fast, and today is crawling at a snail’s pace. speaking of snails, kurt and i are making escargot to bring over to mom’s next saturday. i have to come up with something for me cuz they’re making ribs and kurt’s bringing a...