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what to do?

well, i still have almost as much yarn as i had at the end of last winter and i don’t know what to do with it. i have visions of just grabbing random balls and knitting up this weirdly color-schemed scarf. maybe i will.


i finished clapotis yesterday.. it isn’t blocked yet, but it looks good. it’s not as long as i thought it would be, but that’s cuz i never swatch and didn’t use the super-spendy yarn that was called for. speaking of yarn, i have a lot of it to...


i went out and bought the sims makin’ magic. the last expansion pack prior to ea games coming out with the sims 2 (which i don’t think my video card can handle). makin’ magic is hilarious! you go to magic town and buy things like toad sweat, honey,...

this morning

i didn’t have dsl. so i talked to ryan of tds technical support, and we tried a bunch of stuff but nothing worked. so two hours of playing the sims later, all of a sudden, it worked again. that is all.


i used to collect things as a kid.. well, i guess i still do. i had a collection of pins. you know, the kind that look best on a jean jacket. one of my favorites was, “what if the whole world farted at once?”. just today i brought my yo-yo collection to...