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i can’t check home email from work anymore. cuz someone somewhere got a virus so they blocked access to all web-based email providers. i also can’t figure out how to get my comments working again.

hell’s yea!

won poker last night. maybe the bee pollen gave me extra stamina, cuz we played from 6-11. whew. we’r esupposed to be having a huge update at work today to launch a new initiative.. but it hasn’t happened yet (updates usually happen by 9). so i’m...

bee pollen update

it’s not powdery, but i think a mortar and pestle can be taken to it. it tastes kinda sweet, like almost honey, but not quite. we’ll see if it works. i was panicking at breakfast. mom will probably read this and worry more. it wasn’t because of...


recommended by a friend who’s also having panic attacks, i’m going to go to the co-op today to get bee pollen. i guess it’s powdery and doesn’t dissolve. maybe they have it in pill form. i also bought allen carr’s easy way to stop...


my car turned over 40,000 miles on my way to work this a.m.