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so kurt and i got new phones on thursday. they don’t make orange faceplates for it, so i knitted a new cozy.

fork you

this was our sink a couple days ago. i thought it looked funny because it would appear that we only ever use forks. (img tag missing)


happening today. kurt and i got up and went to la hacienda. we’re big into the roasted poblano quesadillas and the horchata makes my tummy feel better. i keep meaning to find a recipe to make it at home, but i’m willing to bet it’s a lot of work.....


i woke up at 9 and gave a “thumbs up” to my clock. i should also note that i haven’t done more than 3 rows of knitting in the last 3 weeks. :/ i just can’t seem to think of anything that i want knitted.


i can’t wait to sleep in for the next five days in a row.