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i was reminded last night that joe is going out of town. therefore kurt and i get to take care of sam until next monday night! hooray! i can’t seem to locate an image of him, but i know i’ve got one somewhere. maybe later.


i’m totally ordering yarn. patternworks has koigu merino on sale in a 5 skein grab bag.


exciting to report. i’m working on an aran pouch from one of vogue’s /on the go/ books. it’s my first aran project and aside from the time it takes to do so many cables in one row, it’s not that difficult. it is a little like reading a foreign...

i just

catalogued and ball-wound all of my yarn hoping it would inspire me to knit. i did just finish this: it’s a bathmitt for the shower. link via mom at bernat’s site. a simple, free membership process is required to see the pattern. i also completed a new...


but there’s no fridayfive today.. i can’t wait to get home from work and plop my butt on the couch.