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work? what work?

i haven’t done a damn thing today for the doll factory. but i did manage to turn what was going to be a new bekee logo into a cute butterfly:


yarn was ordered for “the manly sweater” from debbie stoller’s stitch n bitch book. kurt decided it would be a fine project for him to wear. :)


i finished the fingerless mitts last night.. pics will follow when i get home. i also started on some leg warmers for a workmate’s wife. hope i can get them done before valentime’s day… on the work front: my boss called in sick yesterday, too. so i...

stayin’ home

yea, it’s lame, but i’m not feeling 100% and there’s a bunch of white stuff flying around outside. one of my workmates hasn’t made it in to work yet, which means the roads are no fun right now… this will give me a chance to finish up my...

all done!

wow. that was so much easier than i thought it would be. and it’s extra super warm. i don’t think it makes me look like grimace, though it’s a little big and not entirely flattering; maybe next time. click for a larger view.