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just knitting

today is dedicated to knitting. i hope there’s some good tv on. i took about 3 days off from knitting in order to work on a friends’ website which is now complete. i need to add a few more behind-the-scene type things, but you can take a look. she’s...


a commissioned pair of gloves, an idea for arm warmers, and friday. You have just won one million dollars: 1. Who do you call first? kurt. and then mom, but you didn’t ask that. 2. What is the first thing you buy for yourself? a paid-off student loan, a paid-off...

and another thing

this is all i’ve done at work all week. it’s a desktop background. click for the 1280×1024 version, and if your resolution is lower, resize it in your favorite graphics program. lookout!

as if

you needed one more entry from me today. i’ve decided to frog the alien illusion scarf and chalk it up to learning how to read a chart. it’s halfway through the second alien head and i just can’t see myself doing it 4.5 more times. i think the...

here they are

they’re not a “pair” on purpose, and i apparently can’t read a pattern so the thumb gore is about 66% shorter than it should be. thankfully they still fit. :)