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mom’s poncho is done. it’s the largest thing i’ve ever made. hooray!


fridayfive is kinda boring today.. go here to fill your friday mid-day. link via new web manager guy at work.


i found a dry erase board here at work, just a little one. smaller than 8.5″ x 11″. it’s been sitting blank for almost 2 months. on tuesday of this week, i decided to make it the word-of-the-day board. i’m thrilled at the progress i’ve...

that striped hat

i was trying to make it longer, but i just got tired of it.. plus i have to get back to mom’s poncho. pardon the darkness of the image, but the hat is accurate. i need a new digicam.


almost forever, the wisconsinized moen family has met in barneveld for their annual lutefisk dinner. that day is almost upon us once again. most people are scared of the notion. if you’ve ever had the chance to try it, you’ll either hate it immediately, or...