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email is working now. a test sent from work to home has resulted positively. i will now bask in the memories of having lunch at noodles&co. outside, with the ducks.

tech difficulties

my server seems to be having some troubles. i’m still unable to receive email. maybe it’s a clue to open that yarn store. :)


in addition to my site acting funky, i’m unable to receive email at stay tuned.

pirateers, unite

apparently napster is arising from the dead. being one who stopped file sharing, for the most part, because of time and the inability to search for something that i wanted to hear but didn’t know the name, i’m neither here nor there on the subject. maybe...


i’m learning (minor) php, with the help of my favorite co-worker. *happy* apparently this-or-that is on hiatus for a while, so i have no outsourced content to use. maybe i’ll find something later in the afternoon.