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Dahl for the soul

I actually read a useful post on alt.animals.ethics.vegetarian! Most of the time it’s this one guy, “God”, telling everyone how not eating meat is killing the cows or some sh*t like that. Anyhow, I found this site, which has a ton of recipes for...

Willy St. Co-op

After being all but flogged on the dailypage forum for asking what the benefits are of being a member at the Co-op, Kurt and I are now members. I think it’ll be a good thing, though the prices are a little crazy. Benefits to me: 1. They really do have excellent...

the Friday after

I’m sure glad I don’t have to work today. It feels an awful lot like a Sunday right now, except I have to do USPS-type things and I know that I can. (reference to a festival in some other language removed cuz it’s old)


Traditionally a coming together of families and eating, this year everyone’s going to other people’s houses. Or staying home. Next year, if K. and I get our sh*t together, we might have some people over to our house. You see, we’ll have a dining room...

Message Board

I already f*cked it up and I’m at work so I can’t fix it til I get home. Dammit.