i was going to bore you with some story about how my monthly cycle is totally predictable and kinda cool to pay attention to. and how i wish i knew how to predict myself during my jr high and high school years. and how someone should really tell all of those girls that it’ll be ok and every single woman in the world has to deal with it. unless you’re an over-exercised gymnast or the victim of some unfortunate circumstance.
but, instead, i’ll tell you that i’m knitting a lot, enjoying the winter cooped up in the house with the warm laptop, my sweets, and dogs, making lots and lots of yummy food, putting up with the kitties that stalk the parakeets, and otherwise simply enjoying life while hoping that all my friends and family are doing the same.
here’s some quiche i made because we were overflowing with eggs:
it’s crustless, and my first quiche ever. maybe it doesn’t count as quiche since i didn’t bother with a crust? it was really simple, anyway. i just mixed everything together and poured it in a pan. delicious.
here’s the minestrone soup i made for lunch this week. i wish i had added more spinach, but if i had, i wouldn’t have had any for the quiche! serendipity.

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