this time, for being so chatty! i no sooner claim lameness then start barraging you with updates and whatnots.
this particular one is in regards to an event taking place downtown this weekend, called ride the drive. essentially, blocking off the middle of the isthmus to motorized vehicles and only allowing bicyclists and pedestrians.
when people and their “movements” happen all at once, or in a prescribed timeframe; it makes people who do not participate want to hurt them. i use my bike for most everything other than driving to work (because i am not committed to waking up earlier than i have to). and i don’t think it’s a benefit to inexperienced bikers to allow them to “take over” such an area and possibly glean false self-importance that won’t exist the next time they want to bike around the outer square.
also, this likely means i won’t be able to eat at the old fashioned for sunday brunch because getting there will suck.

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