another year

matt and i made plans to get brunch and go to the bank cuz we both had full piggies. i got to daisy and they were closed due to heating issues, so we ended up at mint mark. it was a good-sized breakfast sandwich, but i’m not sure they were worth $8 each.

we did the bank and i had some st vinny’s stuff to drop off, and we parted ways.

i had planned on hanging at mickey’s for a short while and taking a nap before dinner, but on my way to the pub, i ran into jay, who was on his way to o’keefe and said he would be able to play cribbage at three. so i hung out and drank really slowly in order to lose two games (my cribbage streak over the last week has been pretty abysmal). after jay left, i hung out with russell for a little while.

around 6:30, i went home to feed and walk the dogs and then tried on a dress that i thought i would wear to dinner, but it didn’t feel very flattering or comfortable, so i just wore my regular clothes.

i got a cab downtown to get dinner at graft. it ended up not being depressing, but the food wasn’t as super as i remember; it was pretty salty. the bartender and a patron started talking about the situation at gib’s and i eavesdropped my way into the conversation cuz i am nosey.

i decided to take my time walking back to mickey’s since the music wasn’t scheduled to begin until 10, so i stopped at mother fool’s for a latte around 9:15 and i gave my leftover chicken to a guy that i know doesn’t have a whole lot of money.

i stopped in to see brian at cap city to talk about a half sleeve for my left arm. i’ve been feeling a little lop-sided and wanting to disguise the tribal on that arm. he was closing up and asked me to stop in on friday.

i got to mickey’s and tony bought me a drink and gave me his seat, the music was loud and this guy came up and sat down next to me and said, “becky gibson?” (i assume he spells it that way in his head) and i was like, “yes who the heck are you?” and he reminded me that he was a kid that hung out on state street a million years ago and always remembered how nice i was. we chatted for a while and he took me to his car to see his silly pit bull, hiro. we walked the dog around a bit and then headed back to the bar. i spent most of the time outside cuz everyone smokes. :/

i lost my refound friend and figured i didn’t want to wait around for a cab, so i walked home at 2am.

i didn’t sleep a whole lot and woke up at 9 friday morning, walked the dogs, tried to get matt to grab breakfast at daisy this time, but he declined. i went by myself and could barely eat. i came home to nap before my haircut and wasn’t feeling too hot when i woke up.

after the haircut, i went to check out the mickey’s patio opening party. friends with dogs were outside, soaking up the sun, so it was nice to see them. i sat inside and just really wasn’t feeling it, so i left before the outside people got too cold and came in. i got home, still feeling pretty crappy, and celebrated 4/20 and went to bed.

today (saturday), i have to start getting back into normal with chores and errands. but first, brunch at sardine with mom and george. it will be nice to see them as it’s been since easter.

my legs are really sore today from all the walking.

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