another one on the books

the crowd at wilson’s was a bit much on friday so we went to check out the atwood (formerly known as mr. roberts) cuz someone i know is now the manager. it’s pretty nice inside, at least compared to the last time i was in there (birthday week, three years ago).

i was happy to find out that the pool table is only $1, probably because it’s not a bullseye table, so we got in a few good games.

we went on home for dinner and some programs. we finished the good place so i thought i’d see if rodney would like deadwood.

saturday morning we did some grocery shopping and then rodney went to pick up our houseguest. we hung out with his sister and her boyfriend most of the afternoon, not before squeezing in jurassic world 2, then headed back over to a cookout at his sister’s house. after a few adult bevvies and a lot of baseball on the t.v., we came home and went to bed pretty late. 

sunday was a little lazy with brunch and some fallout and then to wilson’s for the bears game. rodney realized they probably weren’t going to do very well, so he asked if he could play music and the only other bears fan in the room got upset and left.

i wasn’t in the mood to make dinner, so we ordered burrito drive. thankfully, they remembered to put everything in the bag this time.

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