another marvelous weekend

they really do go by too quickly. i know i say that often, but it’s true.

i knocked off a little early on friday and we played pool at wilson’s… probably eight games or so? i lose count cuz it’s really just about the time. a couple of other bar folks wanted to play doubles, and they each bought us drinks, so i didn’t have to spend a whole lot.

we slept in on saturday and then did some erranding before getting food at mickey’s. then went to wilson’s for some more pool.

on sunday (father’s day), we attempted wilson’s for breakfast cuz i thought maybe it would be a little quicker, but we walked in and the place was *packed* and, while their staff is pretty keen on a regular day, we decided they probably had their hands full. so we turned right back around to go to mickey’s, which was not packed.

after breakfast and chillin’ it was time for a’s softball practice, so i headed home and took my requisite sunday afternoon nap. i woke up a little bit before my alarm and was pretty sure i didn’t want to sit on the couch in wait, so i biked down to wilson’s and r & a were there after practice, chatting it up, so i got to say hi and sit for a little bit with them.

we made unscheduled and tentative plans for me to dye her hair, cuz she wants it purple and i’m a professional.

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