another friday in june

merle got very close this morning. i couldn’t tell if she wanted me to stay in bed or get up for breffis… since i had snoozed too many times, i decided i should get up.

she’s really taken to rodney; she’ll lay on his lap for as long as he’ll let her. i don’t think she likes him more than she likes me, but it’s close.

here’s an unflattering picture of me but a nice one of rodney. i’m not sure if he’ll like that i’m posting this, but i’m taking the “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than get permission” route.

we shot pool again last night and i actually played really well. i think it was cuz it was just the two of us instead of other folks waiting and watching.

this weekend is the waterfront festival and i’m actually looking forward to going. i went a million years ago with kurt and joe; they had friends who lived on lakeside so we got a good view of the festivities. i remember being annoyed, but it was probably the company.

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