another chapter

i guess there’s no reason to keep it a secret. i was a casualty of “reduction in force” on tuesday morning. we all knew it was coming; mattel didn’t do so well last year, so they had to cut some people. it was kinda surreal, in retrospect. the speculation began almost immediately that morning, conference rooms booked by hr folks, strange, new people hanging out in them… blinds pulled in offices that are normally wide open. i was about to take my morning walk, but decided to stick around, just in case. on my way back to my desk, i was called into the vp’s office. fast forward about an hour, and i’m grinning from ear to ear while walking to my car, calling matt to let him know i’d be home early.

so, i spent tuesday afternoon with matt and the dogs and we got to enjoy a late dinner at grampa’s pizzeria. then we tooled around town and played some magic yesterday, and today, i’m preparing for the next adventure. also, staying out late because i can.

also, cats:


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