more food and an oven update

after discussing several options with a handful of people who know my kitchen habits (my, how things have changed in the last 11 years), i landed on not wanting to spend $350-$800 on a used or new oven. when i got home, we took apart the front panel so we could see what was going on. there’s this tiny little hooked piece of metal that controls the position of the lock mechanism, but it was too far inside to maneuver (or bend), so we opted to break the lock itself. i found a decent pair of cutty pliers and rodney wiggled the end off.

the night before this, we made chrissy teigen’s cobb salad, sans bacon.

and, after the oven was “fixed”, we made her mac and cheese.

there’s at least 6 cups of dairy in there

unfortunately, my body is not accustomed to so much butter, milk, and cheese, so the next day was pretty uncomfortable. but, it tasted good.

trouble in kitchenville

about a week ago, the 9+ year old amana ‘5.1 big oven‘ started clicking randomly in the morning. i deduced that it was the lock mechanism trying to engage as if the self-cleaning cycle had started. after some googling (and a vague recollection of this happening at in the last five years), i remembered having to hold down one of the display buttons to get it to disengage. this seemed to work once or twice, but now, a week later, the lock is stuck locked and the door is stuck open.

i called kirsh appliance, because they’ve helped me out of a jam several times (including delivering said oven) and gave them the model number and described the issue. i made an appointment for wednesday them to come and fix it and hung up the phone. thirty minutes later, josh called me back to say that the issue required parts that are no longer available and i should consider that i may need to get a replacement oven.

please keep in mind that this is all happening in the same month during which i’m going to cook a thanksgiving turkey for the very first time.

so, i google ‘lg stainless gas oven best buy’ because we had to replace the microwave last year which had a similar diagnosis and i may as well get a matching appliance that’s easier to clean than the current one. after getting a little price-shocked, i called kirsh back to cancel the service call and ask if they happen to have any used, stainless, gas ovens. no, just black. but at half the cost of the new best buy version.

currently, my solution is going to be to break the lock mechanism because that’s the thing that’s not making the oven not work and hopefully have a lovely turkey and dressing dinner before i need to deal with replacing it.

more to come, i’m sure.

another speedy weekend

i wonder how hard i would have to petition to get work to be 4/3 instead of 5/2. weekends go by so fast, it would be nice to have a third day to enjoy them.

that isn’t to say i don’t enjoy weekends, but we spent much of saturday shopping, making breakfast (which ended up being consumed at noon because we slept in so late) and installing curtains in the upstairs bedrooms that, by the time we were done with all of that, i was a little pooped.

zucchini and red pepper scramble

the curtain install was a minor fiasco because the screws were pissy about getting into the window frame, so we ended up using nails because i was about to break a window.

sunday was quiet as rodney had a triple-header of basketball games to watch, so i did some chores, made myself breakfast, and played a couple hours of fallout. by the time the packers came on, i realized that i had only been outside for the morning dog walk. then it got dark, and i got tired.

hopefully, i can stay awake later tonight cuz i don’t even want to tell you what time bedtime was.

bulk foods

costco has become a regular in the rotation of errands. i try to make it so we only go out there once a month, but i don’t have a good feel for our use-up rate yet.

on our last visit, i picked up a 5-pack of romaine hearts (for less than $5), so last night, we skipped the roasted veggies and threw together a salad.

not pictured: homemade croutons and dried cranberries

homemade dressing is also super easy and i don’t know why people buy it in bottles. i made a variation from this recipe (which is also a delicious no-cook dinner).

getting good at pizza

in the ever-evolving attempt to make dinners a little more exciting than me saying, “chicken and veggies?” every night, we’ve stuck pizza into the rotation. costco has a four-crust and sauce kit for about $10, so it makes quick work of the first part of the project. a million years ago, i used to make a beer-activated dough, but that involves getting the mixer out, which isn’t really convenient for a weeknight meal prep.

anyhoo, we had been sticking to a three-olive pizza (green, black, kalamata) but decided to branch out a little last night and threw on some grape tomatoes and arugula. in hindsight, more arugula is necessary, but it was delicious nonetheless.