2018 is flying by

life is pretty good lately. the early dark evenings and football and spending more time at home is nice.

we’ve been adding more choices to the rotation; the burgers previously mentioned, really yummy pizzas on crusts from costco, the ol’ roasted chicken standby, and taco tuesdays have at least helped me not get bored with any one thing.

and it’s already halloween. november is tomorrow. lutefisk is this weekend, along with setting the clocks back.

i’m going to stop at the coop tomorrow to put my order in for a turkey. a coworker has some tips for making it the best and i hope i don’t effitup too badly. rodney says he knows how to do it cuz he’s been watching the turkey being made for many years. :fingerscrossed:

i haven’t been using my crock at work much lately, so i made turkey and sweet potato chili for lunches this week.

and we had shrimp tacos last night because that spicy sauce is delicious. i still want to try to make it with creamy cashews instead of sour cream.

the elusive veggie burger

a million years ago, my sort of vegetarian friend, maureen, told me about gardein beefless burgers and how they were the best fake meat burger she’d ever had. i tried them and they were great, but they didn’t make it into the rotation often. it seems silly, but buying for, prepping, and cooking a single burger isn’t very efficient.

fast forward a million years and i want to share the beefless invention with rodney because he likes a good veggie burger. so, i call jeni street and ask… they tell me they have gardein “veggie burger” and “black bean burger”. on the way home, i grabbed a package of veggie burgers. these are not even in the same ballpark, by the way.

a couple trips to woodman’s later, with no beefless burger on the shelf (nor a label indicating a spot), i text maureen to get the deets on where i can score these again? she tells me the coop carries them. i brave the coop and quickly locate the frozen aisle and grab two packages (eight total burgers) and some healthful, whole wheat buns. we cooked them up, along with some baked french fries, and enjoyed the deliciousness!

i don’t even have a picture cuz we ate them so quickly.


it’s been a little while, but only cuz i’ve been busy at both home and work.

firstly, i didn’t bike for a whole week because of weather, appointments, and general malaise (i worked from home last thurs & fri). so when i got on the bike this monday, it was great! except by the time i got done with my double-ride on wednesday, my back and neck were killing me. never again will i skip more than three days biking.

anyhoo, i’ve got a lot of food porn to share, so brace yourselves.


the above is a snap of the spicy shrimp tacos that i told you about earlier. i also get a kick out of our difference in arrangement.

up next is our attempt at chicken and waffles. when my gramma and her late husband moved into the assisted living home, they had to downsize quite a bit, so i inherited his waffle maker. so it went into the basement with all the other kitchen stuff that i don’t use or have room for, until i pulled it out and had to do a bit of surgical cleaning. we have a few changes for next time, like, use more batter and fry less hot. and i need to up my gravy game cuz it doesn’t *look* especially good, but it was tasty.

chicky chicky waffle

not wanting the audience to get sick of roasted chicken and veggies, we opted for curried chicken and veggies (yes, i get the irony), and i’m glad we did.

simmering cauliflower, potatoes, and chicken in a delicious sauce.
over jasmine rice

ground turkey makes a wonderful taco meat! who knew?

costco ground turkey tacos

and finally (for food pics, anyway) the turkey sweet potato chili from goop. 

we also had to make a mounds run this last weekend for dog food, and decided that jones needed a new squeaky toy. before we got there, i had hoped to find some sort of reptile, but a green octopus was the closest we got. his name is gregory.

jones with gregory

that’s all from me for a little bit. thanks for reading.

moar tacos!

i had stocked up on shrimp after we’d made two versions of the best shrimp boil ever, just in case we wanted to make due with frozen corn this winter. instead, we decided to make spicy shrimp tacos this week.

we didn’t mix the dressing with the slaw in order to regulate the dressing ratio, which is a good thing because we used it on a salad the next night. i would say this is my new favorite dressing, but i need to figure out how to make it with cashews or tofu because i rarely ever have sour cream in the fridge.

superhero pair!

we stopped at wilson’s for jeopardy! and socialization and i noted that one of the lawyers that hangs out there looks to have had taken the day off because he was unkempt and disheveled.

to which i exclaimed that unkempt and disheveled was a perfect name for a pair of superheros.

saving dough

we’ve gotten into the habit of brunching both weekend days and spending some time at wilson’s in order to keep up appearances. but, with the brewers in the playoffs and football season starting, weekends at wilson’s isn’t the pleasant, homey place it is during the week.

with saving money in mind, and because rodney makes a mean scrambled egg, we decided to try to recreate the breakfast burrito (sans chorizo) from mickey’s.

while the ingredients might not have been exactly the same, it was still really delicious.

we made enough of the poblano/onion mix for both days and took turns making the potatoes.

i’m embarrassed to write down how much money we saved by dining in, so i won’t do that. perhaps we’ll continue in this fashion, only heading out when it’s appropriate to treat ourselves.

eatin’ good

we’ve been pretty consistent with eating home-cooked meals. rodney has started helping me with prep; apparently, he wasn’t allowed previously to help because he wasn’t as quick as he shoulda been. to which i wonder, how is a person supposed to get better without practice?

anyhoo, we’ve made this cheesy turkey chili mac a couple of times and it’s delicious and super easy and it makes a lot. and, of course, roasted chicken and veggies. and costco pizza crust makes for a quick cheesy olive pizza.

i recently bought a couple more cookbooks (hey! it had been a while) and need to peruse them for new ideas. the slow-cooker season is fast upon us!


after that last post, i was bopping around the history of my blog and found my old flickr album. there are some gems in there, including some painting photos that i need to show rodney (since he’s a professional painter).

venus in retrograde

i don’t know how this shit rings true, but the horoscope i got from chani today has a few interesting snippets.

This, and every Venus retrograde, will always pull into focus your heart and finances. That’s because Venus rules your 2nd house of the work you do to support yourself and the money, resources and assets you have as a result, as well as your 7th house of committed partnerships.
With this specific Venus retrograde you are being asked to go through a therapeutic process in regards to these areas of your life. What isn’t working for you in love or work life? What about this moment is similar to what you went through 8 years ago financially?

my committed partnership is doing well, and my money, resources, and assets are in a way better place than they were eight years ago. it was about eight years ago that julie moved out after taking over the second floor for a couple of months and i was freaking out about having to maintain the mortgage without that rental income.

eight years ago is about when i started really looking to leave the doll factory because they’d eliminated my user experience designer position and laterally moved me back to a front-end developer. i interviewed in black river falls for a user experience position that i really wanted but didn’t get.

This new moon marks the beginning of something in this area of your life, but the beginning is intertwined with a transformation and review. Something about the nature of what you do for a living is in need of an overhaul, either in regards to your relationship to the work itself, or the relationships that surround it. 

thinking a little more about what isn’t working in my work life and sort of my relationship to the work itself: i’ve been feeling kinda stagnant at work since april. i haven’t actually really developed a website in over a year (it’s been almost exactly a year since my promotion). i’ve been feeling like i’m not technically proficient anymore.

i’m excited/not excited about a new project kicking off today. it’s in a cms that i hate but at least i’ll be responsible for making it technically successful. which means i need to stay on top of the plugin releases in order to make the right choice for solutions. 

the little things

there’s a house on the dog walk that has a wonderful terrace and yard. she’s got (fruiting!) peach trees and all sort of other flora that i couldn’t even begin to name (aside from sedum, mint, sunflowers, rosemary, echinacea, milk duds [my nickname for milkweed], decorative grass, etc.).

there is this sweet little flowering plant that has leaves that look like maple leaves and i wish i knew what it was. the other afternoon, i caught a bee getting some pollen from it.

then this morning, while trying to be thoughtful of our houseguest, i quietly prepared my single cup of coffee, and the color of the oils on the surface of the bubbles caught me. i do this pour-over every morning while i think about the day and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. this morning, it stood out for some reason. i still have much of the day left to find out why.

the picture doesn’t accurately capture the oily, rainbow-slicky color. but, you may be able to imagine it.