fancy pants

or fancy dress, i guess. we went out for dinner with p&m last night and i wore the other dress that i bought from soulflower a couple weeks ago. it’s very comfortable, probably because it’s 95% cotton. the bell sleeves were a little annoying while trying to play pool before heading out to dinner, but it’s a small price to pay for looking kinda cute.

paisan’s was nice; i had no idea how huge it was in there. i’d like to go back for lunch and try their pizza.

afterward, we went up to the condo for adult beverages and maureen snapped a pic of rodney and i. don’t let the bright white of my legs blind you.

also, we have a whirlwind of a weekend coming up, so i’m really glad i took tuesday the 4th off.


testing the grammarly issue again so i can submit a bug report.

for some reason, after updating the plugin from 3.4.0 to 3.6.2, grammarly no longer checks the paragraph block consistently.

friday, saturday, sunday! thanks, costco. i’ll keep typing onto two lines to see if it’ll check this block. not yet!

for those of you following along, updating the plugin fixed the rss feed issue, but now grammarly is highly delayed in checking the blocks for errors…

found a bug

i am not sure who i will notify, but i found a bug using gutenberg blocks and the grammarly plugin for chrome. if a word is flagged by grammarly as unknown or, in my case, not capitalized, it doesn’t make it into the blog post in my feedly rss feed.

apologies to readers who have been seeing choppy posts because of this.


another amazing weekend on the books. we played some really good pool on friday night; i held the table for six games against a stranger and rodney. saturday, mom, and george came out so we could use the truck to go pick up a futon frame in the event that we get a house guest in the near future.

after that, there was the matter of brunch and cubs and more pool. we had a nice pizza dinner (thanks costco!) and watched the score with bobby and ed. 

on sunday morning, i somehow managed to sleep in until 9! it’s been an awfully long time since that happened. we brunched, skipped orton park again, more cubs, more pool. 

also, this is the second nuvaring cycle and i didn’t suffer from a single cramp event. now if my new acne problem will even out, i might be a hormonal birth control convert.

busy day

actually, it wasn’t that busy, it just felt hectic.

i was at work right up until 3 and biked home to walk dogs. they always seem lackadaisical when i’m in a bit of a hurry; i needed to squeeze in some rodney time between work and the wordpress meetup. around 5:10, i hopped on the bike to go back downtown (which means i made up for one of my days off the bike by putting in ~17 miles yesterday). 

the meetup was a great topic, but i’m a little disappointed in the lack of rsvp management from participants. as of 5 pm, there were 20 folks confirmed and when the speaker started, there were a total of 10 of us, including the speaker. :/

after the meetup, i zipped back home and didn’t feel like making dinner, so i suggested burrito drive. fish tacos had been mysteriously missing from their online menu since sunday night, so i was holding off bringing them back into the rotation. i ordered the grilled chicken burrito and rodney got the house chimi. after placing the order, my phone rang and it was them! the nice gal said that she didn’t know why the tacos weren’t online, but did i want them anyway? it’s probably the fourth time they’ve done this for me.

so we enjoyed dinner with some parks & rec and then called it a night.

forgive me, father

for it’s been six days since my last bike ride.

it had been threatening to rain in the afternoon last thursday and friday, so rodney gave me a ride; saturdays and sundays i don’t get on the bike anymore; monday was torrential and yesterday i think i got lazy.

i really shouldn’t skip so many days tho, because the feeling while biking is wondrous. i almost started crying cuz i was so happy to be biking by the lake (or is it the hormones?), with the august sun on my arm and face. 

after the 3.5″ of rain we got on monday, lake monona is juuust barely almost up to the bike path near the terrace.

in other, unrelated news, my favorite pampered chef roaster broke last night. luckily it was after dinner and after all the chicken grease and oil had been cleaned off.

boo! :(

i’ve only had it for a little over a year, so i’m hoping my contact can get me a replacement (since they’re $55–i got this one on sale for $28).

another wtf moment

on the way to brunch on sunday, i was lamenting having soooo much music on my phone from which to choose, so i silently scrolled through all of the albums in the alternative genre. i landed on ministry’s psalm 69 and played just one fix. after we turned the corner onto atwood, rodney asked who it was that we were listening to. i said, “ministry”. at which point he got a scowly face and said, “when you said you had too much music i was going to ask if you had any ministry.” and then he jokingly called me the devil woman.


rando update

more weird dreams last night. some about the doll factory, some about my mom wanting to pursue a startup app that did something like project management and i refused to participate (i think she wanted me to do the programming and i don’t have experience in mobile-app-programming). then i found myself at a bookstore looking for a book whose name escapes me right now, but i really needed to find it. i wish i could remember the name because it was poignant and catchy.

anyhoo, rodney and i had another spectacular weekend. we got to have brunch with mom and george at sardine, rodney had the best hamburger in his life and now it’s ruined the mickey’s burger for him.

i wasn’t feeling too human on sunday morning, so i decided to forego the previously planned trip to costco, which meant i needed to replan lunches for the week; so i opted for the slow-cooker chicken taco soup, which is the easiest thing in the world to make.

i’m hoping we can get to costco tonight or tomorrow night, as i have the wordpress meetup on wednesday and the atwood pantry board meeting on thursday.


not sure how it happened… a year ago, i was over 200 lbs. as is evidenced by this photo. i don’t think i’ve admitted that number before.

now, i’m almost regretting purging my dresser of my size 12s because my 14s barely fit anymore. i used to wear the belt because it’s orange and matches my shoes, but now i need it to keep the pants up.

i guess sitting at home every night and ordering burrito drive or banzo for dinner caught up to my waist.

anyhoo, i celebrated my new-found midsection by ordering a new dress! now, we just need to go out fancy again so i can wear it.


i’m not 100% sure i would have signed up for being a homeowner if i knew i would be doing it all by myself eleven years later.

yesterday, the appliance repair guy came over to investigate the issue with the washing machine; it needed a new door lock mechanism. the service call, labor, and parts came to about $230. after the guy left, i noticed the basement floor drain was backing up (this had previously happened during the memorial day party prep), so i donned some rubber gloves and sent all 25′ of my hand auger down the hole, only to retrieve little more than a mouse-sized ball of hair.

then i came back upstairs and started freaking out. i think it was the closest i’d been to a panic attack in probably six years.

you see, my brain immediately goes to places like “i’m gunna need to pay someone another thousand dollars to tear apart the basement to find the 90-year-old offending pipe.”

thankfully, the plumber who tore up the basement two years ago is still plumbing. i texted him and he called me back right away and is currently downstairs with an electric auger and is making a lot of banging noises. 

i hope he is able to solve the issue without having to chase pipes around the basement again.