i remember being a lot more twitchy about turning 30 than i was about 40.

i had a lovely birthday week, complete with lots of dining out, naps, and dog walks. we went to grampa’s and morris ramen for some meals, we explored the path off fair oaks behind the garver feed mill for the first time in many years, and surprisingly, i didn’t get breakfast at the diner any of the days.

i did, however, make a pretty good replica of the sandwich from sardine that i like a lot.

i was going to start couch to 5k this week, but can’t find the very expensive sports bra that i bought last time. i did a dresser purge a little while ago and am fearful that i donated it along with some other bras that no longer fit.

last night, work sponsored pizza and the meeting space for the first madison wordpress meetup and it was a success! there were many last-minute cancellations, but the crowd that did arrive were enthusiastic and had many great ideas to fuel the next meetup(s). it’s going to be a lot of work each month, but i think it’ll be worth it.

birthday party!

some friends of ours hosted a joint birthday party this past saturday for myself and a mutual friend who turned 30 on the 2nd. what a whipper-snapper! we had house-cured lox and homemade bagels. since matt doesn’t care much for lox, they made him a separate meal of steamed king crab.

it was nice to be able to hang without worrying about matt having to get up for work sunday morning, but we did leave the dogs home without a break a little longer than i’d have liked. nora wasn’t able to hold it, so there was a little mess when we got home. she’s only peed a couple times in the house since getting antibiotics.

there was one not-so-awesome part of the evening in which i decided it would be a good idea to use the scale in our guests’ bathroom. i was shocked and appalled at the number and even told them that it was not calibrated correctly.

the next morning, i dug our scale out of the depths of the hallway closet to check. indeed, it reported the same number. a much higher number than i’d ever thought i’d see. a number that labels me on another chart as obese. a number that i need to actively work to reduce if i want to stop thinking about it.

i’ve considered taking up C25k again, but can barely get life taken care of now without adding another 45-60 minutes of exercise on top.

getting up earlier just isn’t an option. unless it is. maybe after i turn 40 i’ll automatically wake up at 6 am every day instead of just saturdays. maybe running while half asleep is why folks choose the mornings to exercise. i suppose it is a lot cooler out then.

detox three, day three

i received a compliment on the seasoning scent of my lunch yesterday, so i passed the recipe along. while the chickpea kale curry is tasty, it’s missing either spice or sweet. i had even added some coconut nectar to give it something. i remember it being close to sensational last time.

the turkey burgers were both annoying to make and not very tasty. i don’t like touching meat to make the patties; i could have bought pre-pattied turkey, but i needed to add stuff to make it ‘thai’, fish sauce being an ingredient. i forget how salty the recipes are in gwenyth’s books (as opposed to the goop site).

i made an extra burger for tonight, but think i’m going to skip it. i have a project that i need to start an finish for the pantry and i can’t be spending two hours in the kitchen after work.

so, the detox will come to an end today. perhaps i’ll celebrate with a latte.

detox three, day two

the niçoise salad was pretty good; i think i could have seasoned up the tuna a little, and i forgot the avocado, but all in all, it was tasty. i even didn’t hate the arugula and radicchio.

i did stop to see matt and have a drink after work, but life is about moderation, not exclusion and depravity. while i was putting the menu together and reading through gwenyth’s cookbook, it occurred to me that it could be pretty simple to maintain the unprocessed/no sugar/still yummy food lifestyle; especially now that i eat bird. so, i’m allowing myself to create my own rules for this one.

keeping with my daily kombucha is helping. during previous fasts, there wasn’t a whole lot of movement until day four, if you know what i mean, and i was lethargic and bloated. who wants to do that voluntarily for a week?

i spent longer than wanted making the next meal (chickpea and kale curry) and didn’t sit down to dinner until shortly after 8, but the turkey chili didn’t let me down.

for some reason, in the recent past, i’d gotten used to having a couple spoonfuls of green tea or strawberry ice cream (haagen daas doesn’t put a bunch of crap in their ice cream), so mangoes are my dessert this week, and they’re a pretty good substitute.

my egg drop soup breakfast was tasty and i was sweating before i left the house. halfway to work, i realized that i was biking way faster than usual and i’ll attribute that to not stuffing my face for dinner and having calories before leaving the house (normally, i don’t eat anything until around 10a). we’ll see if my theory holds up the rest of the week.

detox three, day one

after the lunch last thursday made me feel so badly, i decided it was probably about time for another elimination.

i used a little bit of the last two menus from goop and added in some meals from gwenyth’s “it’s all good” cookbook.

i also made a granola bar from angela liddon’s “oh she glows every day”, just to replace the apparent daily latte i started getting from porter; it has a tiny bit of caffeine.

i also decided not to eliminate my daily kombucha. i really do feel like it has a positive effect on my digestion, and that’s important with this food plan.

so, day one was supposed to be egg drop soup for breakfast, but i misunderstood how slowly the bone broth would defrost. i had also planned for turkey chili and niçoise salad for lunch/dinner the first two days, but one of the jars of salad slipped and hit the fridge and busted. some choice words followed and matt, thankfully, cleaned it up because i was trying to figure out how to salvage the hard boiled egg that i was convinced did not have shards of glass.

after a little shuffling, i had the turkey chili for lunch and we shared pressure cooked chicken legs and black rice for dinner.

i started getting a headache around 4p but i think it was because of the low pressure.