feelin’ blue

for an unknown reason yesterday afternoon, i started to feel rather down. i’m going to blame the very unhealthy deluxe grilled cheese and fries that i had for lunch at the echo.

the dogs tried to cheer me up when i got home, but it really wasn’t working. so i sat on the couch with the netflix fireplace movie on tv and knitted for a bit. then i went to bed unusually early.

i slept too long and woke up with puffy eyes and feel pretty groggy this morning. i’m still blaming my lunch yesterday and probably won’t be going back to the echo anytime soon. especially since they charged me $1.50 for soda water. wtf.

if i’m going to spend $9 for a sandwich and carbonated water, i’d rather spend it at porter on a bocadillo.

hope springs eternal

matt has a slightly new schedule. after working sunday brunch for 10 years, he’s giving them up. this means we have two whole days together, so instead of trying to squeeze in quality time, chores, projects, and errands into saturday, we can be leisurely about at least half of those things.

my first project is cleaning out the fridge. it’s been a while, and there’s a new smell that i don’t think should be present.

it’s supposed to be rainy all weekend, so we won’t be able to get started on the yard yet, but hopefully soon.

i also think it’s time for another detox/elimination diet, so i should get on planning that.

more doing

i got this tattoo last weekend.

i’m also helping out a local pantry with some marketing of their services and an annual banquet. i may be soliciting the help of a friends’ illustration skills because my skills are no good.

i’m also still working on the website for a local artist. i can’t wait til it goes live because i think work might buy a piece or two for the office.

i did this thing

so, i’m the new founder of madison’s wordpress meetup. i was also labeled ‘sr. developer’ in a recent proposal at work. i think i’ve come a long way in the last three years at earthling. imagine that.

i’m also working on a side project for a local artist and am hoping to have her new site up sometime this month.

doing these things makes my brain happy.