random thought

i wonder if folks would drive more carefully if we were exposed to simulated accidents. and not just the accident where the car is damaged, but having to deal with a simulated insurance and court system. i guess it would be too far to say that a simulated penal system could also have an effect, cuz the *actual* system is far from manageable.

chicken, three ways

i forgot to get pics of everything… but, we found a brand of antibiotic-free whole chicken at woodman’s (tho, i did notice that it’s distributed by gold ‘n plump, so need to do more research on the brand) with no giblets and already trussed.

on sunday night, we had the dark meat with smashed pots and a salad, then on monday, matt cleaned the bones and we made chicken stock for phở and used most of the rest of the white meat in that. there was so much left over that i had enough to make chicken noodle soup on wednesday night.


i used no yolk egg noodles because they’re the widest flat noodles that i have, and everything turned out amazingly.

i’m looking forward to the technique of slow-cooking chicken breast to shred and keep for meals all week. i think this will help keep me from ordering food that’s too expensive in weather that’s too cold.

with said shredded chicken, i’d like to make enchiladas.

i’m enjoying the number of meals this shift has opened up for matt and i to eat together.

to recap

we’ve been enjoying more meals together, despite our opposite schedules. matt has been making dinner for us on monday nights. we’ve been enjoying some form of chicken with a salad.

last weekend, we got a chest freezer from sears and just plugged it in this weekend in order to begin filling it with overflow from the upstairs freezer. it’s nice to know we can stockpile some items from the summertime to enjoy in the winter; i’m also excited to make chicken stock.

i’m not sure that i’ll make the leap to completely omnivorous because i’m not interested in seeking out humanely raised and slaughtered beef and pork to cook at home.

i’m still enjoying vegetarian and vegan meals, as usual.