matt was worried about me going to furthur by myself, so i asked my friend judy and she didn’t think she could handle all the people (according to facebook, 2.6k are going). my friend josh said he’d go and he obviously can’t because he has a bar to open.

i finally heard from a friend who may have been somewhere where the internet is not allowed. he came with me to the ’96 furthur and it only seemed fitting that he should be there this time. so, he’s coming with.



recently, i got my backpacking pad, folding luggage cart (to lug stuff from car to campsite*), the very important glow sticks, and i’m waiting for a solar charger to be delivered tomorrow. even though cell reception will be “sketchy at best”, i’m still going to want to make sure my phone is charged. it also has a light, which is kinda neat.

i need to remember to pack my waterproof bag and a few more sundries and then i can focus on food.

*we learned, this week, that there is a state law preventing park-next-to-tent like the previous events allowed, so my plans of keeping things safe in the trunk have to change a little.