drop bass announced 10 DIY sound stages over the course of the last week and then announced the headliners this past monday. i’m not super familiar with most of them, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be any less amazing.

so, i have a month and a half left to plan. i’m not sure if i should try to find folks to carpool with. the rumor mill is already trying to figure out where “approximately 5 hours from minneapolis, madison, and milwaukee” is. the current speculation is the fon du lac area. other known facts are that the nearest hotel is an hour away and cellular coverage will be spotty at best. also, the main tent will have a cellular blocker.

it’ll be great to get away from glowing blue screens for a weekend.

expensive cheap bike

i saw this fixie/single speed parked outside of cvs while on one of my walks at work. it was neat-lookin’ and i had grown tired of my sole bike, so i justified getting a second set of wheels, just in case. i bought myself a pure fix in october of 2014 and have since had to replace the grips, the brake cables, and both tires.

lately, the freewheel has been sticking, causing consternation when trying to coast, surprising me by momentarily becoming a fixed gear. well, last night, it finally broke.


last night, i had all three of my stress-dream topics in one. cracked iphone, inconvenient bathrooms, and the inability to get all of my things in my hands/pockets/bag.

i was even cognizant of now having my new iphone 6s because the old iphone was the one that got cracked (in the dream) and i remember responding to the person who told me about the accident that it was okay because i that was my crappy phone and i had my new phone at home.


my iphone started doing this thing where the screen wouldn’t respond to my typing, but it would just randomly think i was tapping in the bottom half of the screen. this resulted in my having to turn the phone off and back on again. multiple times a day.

i put up with this for a little while and then it would stop. it started up again a couple of weeks later and i basically couldn’t stand it anymore. so, we took a trip to the AT&T store. a nice fella named Madison helped us and i ended up with a new iPhone 6s and an iPad mini that can use cellular.

so, i now have an iPhone 5s to use as an iPod, an iPhone 6s, and iPad mini 2 (which was only $100), and my trusty old iPad 4 (or is it a 3? who knows).



apparently signs aren’t enough. maybe we need someone at the intersection 24/7 to explain how it works.

the lady in the black sweater was riding the middle line the entire time she was in front of me. then white-sweater rides up, thinking that because the atwood light was green, that meant she could cross on the diagonal bike crossing. thankfully, she saw that *our* light was red and that was why we were stopped.

they go on to discuss whatever inane opinion they have about traffic and stop lights, not seconds after black-sweater admitted to wanting to cross on the red because there was a break in the traffic.

this is why drivers hate bikers.

turns out

i don’t have much to say unless i’m doing some sort of challenge.

i guess one interesting thing is that i’m mentally preparing to attend the 20th anniversary of a four-day camp-out rave that i went to in 1996.

it was a pivotal weekend in my life and i had more fun and experience at that party than any other, including the year prior, which was attended almost immediately after my last day of high school.

anyhoo, i have my ticket (they have old school discount pricing for folks over 35), and i’m deciding whether to bring a bunch of dehydrated food or just make some overnight oats and some basic bean-and-cheese burritos. i also need to stock up on glow sticks… and then there’s the adulting, like a towel, garbage bags, enough ice, toothbrush, and paste. i don’t think i concerned myself with those items 20 years ago.

stay tuned as i bulk up my camping gear and re-learn how to set up a tent.