first delivery during the challenge

and likely the last.

i biked straight home because it was raining. it’s no fun to stop to see matt and then don wet gloves to get home, it’s best to just go home. especially since i had to make two batches of kombucha, which means about an hour in the kitchen. it was because of this fact that i thought i’d treat myself to delivery. that and merle was having a hard time waiting for me to get done.


once i was finished with the booch, i pulled out my phone to order through eatstreet. i had already decided on banzo, since falafel, hummus, etc., are by default, vegan. i hemmed and hawed about getting the eggplant or just the falafel, but decided on the eggplant because i knew i wouldn’t eat four falafel balls.

my first mistake was ordering (i can make this food). my second mistake was ordering eggplant (it tasted like a greasy shoe). my third mistake was pretending that a place will get better the longer you go between orders (the soup was the only redeeming part and even that was lukewarm).

so, i’ve learned that i can whip together hummus and some lentil soup at a fraction of the cost and have more control over the taste and, even though it might cut into fallout time, it’s worth it.


after enjoying the field roast grain company burger last week, i wanted to get a couple more of their items. so, we left woodman’s with some sausages and deli slices. i don’t usually eat meat-like items, but it’s something that matt and i can tolerate together. we were going to try the brats last night, but he wasn’t hungry at the same time as me, so i cooked up my new old standby: asparagus and penne.

it really is one of the easiest things to make. the only mild annoyance is getting interrupted by the timer after 10, 5, and 5 minutes. not a lot of fallout progress can be made in those increments!

i have more dal for lunch again today; the flavors have had a couple days to mingle, so it should be extra tasty by friday.

i’m not sure what’s for dinner so, i might stop by the farmer’s market on my way home. it’s in central park now, and not squozed into the little parking lot at emanuel lutheran church.

more on food

i couldn’t think of anything that i could piece together from the mickey’s kitchen for a suitable vegan breakfast, so i ended up staying home and making my own tofu scramble and roasted potots*. luckily, my vegan culinary adventures didn’t start this month, so i had kala namak (black sea salt) to add to the tofu, which imparts a little sulfur/eggy flavor to the dish. i used silken tofu, so the texture was a little softer than had i used tofu in water. i never buy that stuff cuz it doesn’t have the shelf life of the silken variety.


i made dal yesterday like i said i would. the lentils disintegrated on the stove while i was chatting with mom outside, so i threw a can of chickpeas in. it’s a little spicier than normal, with the added jalapeno, so i found some naan to aid in cooling down the mouth.


* i like to make up words, this is one of them.

mediterranean is the answer

yesterday, lunch was the rest of my hummus (which keeps an amazingly long time in an airtight container) with crunchy veggies. i had forgotten my afternoon apple, so i was excited for dinner with an old friend.

i was going to pick the green owl to make it easy for me, but then remembered the awesomeness that is dobhan‘s dal and their masala dosa*. add to that some yummy seitan curry, and i was a happily full camper on my way home.

thankfully for the dosas, i didn’t finish my entree so i have lunch for today!

i’m a little concerned about the weekend meals, since my schedule doesn’t get to be so rigid, and i haven’t quite figured out what breakfast will be since i usually default to eggs or an egg sandwich.

i’m sure i’ll make do.

since i’m noodling over what’s for lunches next week, i think i’ll make and start to perfect my own dal. with jasmine rice on the side, of course.

a side note: even though it’s probably technically impossible to have lost weight already, i kinda feel like i have. i don’t use a scale, but i do use the fact that i’ve been in this body for 39 years and have a pretty good idea of when it’s puffy and when it’s not.

*this morning, i realized that the crepe wrapping the potatoes might have contained ghee, but the recipes i’ve found online indicate that vegetable oil will usually be used, so i’m telling myself that’s how it was.

vegan, day 4

yesterday, at lunch, i got tired of the chickpea couscous pepper tomato salad.

last night, i made a field roast grain company burger on an english muffin with roasted potatoes and it was pretty good. it had a weird smell while it was cooking but tasted like it should have. i topped it with some salsa that i got from mickey’s on monday and some vegan mayo and didn’t really miss the usual cheese slice that i would normally have on a veggie burger.

i’m not sure what’s for dinner tonight, but the zucchini is probably ready to be cooked.


i made an error on monday night. i thought the parmesan cheese i’ve been using this whole time was vegan. unfortunately, it’s got casein, which is a protein in milk.

frustration took over and i turned to my phone to order from banzo, but for some reason, eat street told me it was closed.

i had to save dinner because i didn’t want to deal with talking to a human at bandung about whether or not their lumpia and curry are vegan. so, i made actual vegan parmesan for my roasted asparagus and penne and it turned out just great.

no pictures this time because it looked nearly the same as monday night’s dinner.

tonight will probably be roasted zucchini and potatoes since i don’t want to get burned out on pasta this early in the game.

my new favorite

i bought a silpat about a year ago and never used it, thinking my parchment paper was superior (sometimes i make irrational judgments). after cleaning the kitchen last week, i realized i should probably put my $25 piece of silicone to use and roast some veggies.

enter the asparagus. i chopped it at an angle (i’m sure there’s a culinary term for this) so it matches penne, and throw it into a bowl with minced garlic. pour over some olive oil and give it a good stir. heat up the oven at 400° (450° if i’m in a hurry) and get the pot of water ready for the pasta.

once the oven beeps, i spread the asparagus onto the silpat and stick it in the oven for 10 minutes. this is when i start the pasta water on medium. when the timer beeps at 10, i put the penne in and turn the stove up a little and set the timer for seven minutes.

at the final timer beep, i bring out the asparagus and dump it all back into the original bowl then pour a little bit (maybe 1/4 cup) of pasta water in with it, then drain the penne and toss that in. on top of that, a generous portion of go veggie’s vegan parm* and toss it all together to coat.

admittedly, i then eat directly out of the mixing bowl. why dirty another?


*when i went to get the link for the vegan parm, i found this mediterranean pasta recipe, which will end up being dinner sometime soon.

vegan, day one

since we were out of town yesterday, i opted to make my life slightly easier by not beginning the vegan challenge until today. for lunches this week, i made a lovely salad of earthbound farm’s spring mix, with diced green and red bell peppers, chickpeas, and israeli couscous. the dressing is a simple oil and white balsamic vinegar mix.

i also had to ditch the daily yogurt for overnight oats from a cookbook that matt recently got for me.

i got some lovely organic asparagus from woodman’s yesterday and will probably roast that up with some garlic and toss it with oil and penne for dinner.