you can’t really tell, but the mama goose was hissing at me as i biked by.

why else?

last week, a guy asked if i was recording just for fun. he was going so fast that any answer other than “yep” would have gone unheard. i could have explained that i might catch the plates of a car that injures one of us, or that i wanted to record the baby geese learning to swim, or that seeing a camera on my helmet might deter someone from being malicious. but, he’ll never know that, cuz he thought it was funny.

friday, i was done

i couldn’t take it anymore. i was tired of having to think about food and i needed a healthy dose of protein that wasn’t in bean form. matt suggested burrito drive (for some odd reason), so i defaulted to my fish tacos, which were unsurprisingly not good. so, my next challenge is to give up on that place. let’s see if it can be done.

i’m going to attempt these hearts of palm tacos soon.

home stretch

i’ve decided to end my vegan excursion on may 30th. that’ll be four weeks. i think that’s long enough.

i ordered bandung last night because their curry is awesome but i’m pissed off that their delivery charge is $3.99, so i probably won’t be ordering from them again soon. i wouldn’t mind dining in, though. i’ll wait until after my dairy fast because their lumpia wrap isn’t vegan.

i don’t think i’ve had any life-affirming changes on this ‘adventure’, other than it’s hard to eat in restaurants if you don’t eat anything that comes from animals. and you sound like a silly person asking if everything is vegan.

forgot to mention

in addition to this stupid vegan challenge that i’m putting myself through, i’m also flossing every day. a habit i hope to keep up, unlike the vegan one.

as if

i’ve been buying and eating so much asparagus that i was worried i wouldn’t have enough for dinner last night. silly me:


i threw some grape tomatoes in because a) they needed to get used up and b) i wanted to change it up so that i don’t get sick of this dish.

they didn’t really add a whole lot except more acidity since they kind of just ‘pop’ after being roasted for 20 minutes. my conclusion is that they’re not necessary, and it’s unlikely that i’ll get sick of this dish in the next 15 days.

i am acutely aware of the fact that i miss cheese. melty cheese. vegan cheese just has this yucky manufactured aftertaste. i’m going to try the sunflower cheese one more time, maybe half the recipe, though.

told ya!


lovely morels and shallot graced my usual asparagus and pasta dish. i didn’t take a finished photo because it really wasn’t that pretty.


here i was fretting about what dinner would consist of and i got a text from a friend:

him: Want any morels
me: of course i do! how much/lb?
him: 20
me: *thinking that matt won't eat any cuz they're just fried in butter* half? matt won't eat them
him: ...
him later: they are at mickey's, a half pound

omg, you guys. i can have asparagus *and* morels!

i lied

on thursday, we ended up ordering the vegan destroyer from the roman candle, on a recommendation from some friends who are not vegan. it was very good and i didn’t even miss the cheese. friday was another serving of asparagus and penne.

however, weekend breakfasts have proven to be frustrating. on saturday, i tried making vegan eggs (why do i insist on doing this to myself?) and it turned out not-so-good. the directions say that it’ll take 6-8 minutes to ‘scramble’ and i stood there mixing and turning for what felt like forever, just to get something that resembled glue or paste. i ended up tossing it down the garbage disposal and making 1-minute dal with the last piece of naan from lunches last week.

saturday’s lunch didn’t happen until 4 pm and consisted of me trying taco bell’s vegan adjustment menu, which consists of substituting beans for beef and asking for no cheese or sour cream but adding pico de gallo. the crunch wrap supreme filled me up at 4pm, so that was my final meal of the day.

sunday, i met mom and george at the pub for brunch. knowing that the tofu scramble is all they have for the vegans, i was excited to see the scramble du jour had tons of veggies in it. so, i ordered just that, the tofu scramble with the du jour veggies and no cheese. i did not get what i ordered because the cook only had so many veggies for the scramble of the day and didn’t want to waste it on my order. :/

dinner was kind of a fiasco as well. i had ordered upton’s jackfruit carnitas and it was gross. again, i don’t know why i think packaged food is going to be better than what i can make, but i didn’t want to open a can of jackfruit just for dinner. so, i switched gears and tried to make enchiladas using the sunflower seed ‘cheese’ that i tried to make on saturday. it wasn’t an epic fail, but i think i had three bites and went to bed mad.

anyhoo, lunches this week are white bean posole. i’m looking forward to it and am already hungry because i didn’t eat enough this weekend.