saving some recipes

i’ve been thinking more about the vegan challenge in order to get my mind off cheese for a month. i made some delicious hummus and have brought that, along with fresh dipping veggies, to work for lunch.

monday night, we made curry with dry fried tofu and some agave nectar, after which i ran out and bought the minimalist baker’s cookbook.

recently, i realized that there are only a couple things i can eat at mickey’s, and even those involve slight modification in order to be vegan. knowing the lone star sandwich is a hit, but that it really does need the chipotle aioli, i searched for a recipe that i might be able to make and bring to put on my own sandwich.

enter beer battered tofu tacos. these look so good and not impossible to whip together.

for the start of the month, i don’t yet have a solid plan, but i should be able to get through the first couple days without one.


on my way to work, i spotted a very pastoral-looking fella enjoying the east side community gardens. as i biked by, he announced, “orange orange orange! ha ha!”, except what i heard was, “it’s a morning for rejoicing!”.

so, i responded with, “mornin’!”

then i remembered that my helmet, coat, bag, and bike are orange.


i guess i ought to record this in case it comes up again*.

yesterday, i had an Asperger’s like reaction to a situation at work.

we have an open office situation, where most of the offices have two or three folks in them. our office is unique in that it doesn’t have a door and the fourth wall is only half a wall. this means i can hear pretty much everything. the layout of the floorplan is basically an “L” where we’re at the bottom arm and i can hear when a co-worker brings in his puppies; his office is a the top of the L.

so, yesterday, a couple people were talking in our office, a couple people were talking in the office adjacent to ours, a couple people were talking in the corner office, and two people in the adjacent open area were conducting a phone conversation over the speaker on their cell phone.

i’m not sure what happened, but my brain sort of zipped and snapped. i had to leave the space. it was like my vision was going to stop working if i didn’t gtfo of there. i quickly unplugged everything from my laptop and headed to the kitchen. no one was in there and the dishwasher was running. perfect.

i also quickly ordered a pair of noise-cancelling headphones for work.

*don’t worry, mom. it wasn’t a stroke.

ugh! omg

there’s this guy at work, we’ll call him Sam, he’s so annoying with his smart comments and always making jokes and telling funny stories.