i’ve gotten delivery a couple more times since ending the challenge last week. it would appear they didn’t miss me one bit. that’s okay, though. it just makes it easier to head to the fridge instead of the grub hub app.

we had tacos recently and usually end up with enough leftovers for a couple more meals, so i made enchiladas last night. they were very good, but i made one too many.

i’d like to try the niçoise salad again, but adjust so it’s not so salty.

i’ve also been diggin’ the grilled cheeses on this great whole grain bread that i found at woodman’s, so i bought a george foreman grill for work. i’m debating whether i should ask people not to use meat on it, or if i should just leave it in the cupboard and hope that no one would use it without asking around. it’ll be delivered tomorrow, so i have time to decide.

breaking the fast

as i mentioned, i thought i might get burrito drive for dinner last night or stop at jeni st for some fish. since it was so cold and snowy, i decided that i’d get bd since i figure they’d missed me.

the delivery driver was unfamiliar, and the food was unremarkable. i think this little experiment helped put many things into perspective. the most important, to me, is that it really doesn’t take that long to make good food. so, tonight, i’ll probably stop at jeni st and get some tilapia for good fish tacos tonight.