final stretch

it’s the last day of february, which means the last day of the february challenge. i’m happy to say that we made it.

a lot of tacos eaten, a few new recipes tried, and a few hiccups in the kitchen.

i think we were successful because we planned ahead, and were able to find and make extras for the next meal, or for my lunch the following day. we’ve decided to stick to not ordering delivery on our evenings together and we’re on our own for the other nights.

i was thinking of getting burrito drive tomorrow night, cuz they probably miss me, but i might just stop at jeni st to get some fish and make my own fish tacos.

three weeks!

i think i’ve lost a little weight from our experiment, so that’s good.

we made the perfect burritos on saturday night. matt was extremely pleased with them and i was able to use up the rest of what was left last night in another burrito. tonight, i’m going to make gouda grilled cheese, from vegetarian times. i got some pretty good “country bread” from woodman’s and, when i was picking out the gouda, a woman told us which brand won an award. she then admitted that her occupation is a cheese buyer.

i also spotted her restocking cheese into the correct containers. so, the next time someone catches me doing that, i’m going to tell them i’m a cheese buyer.

two weeks!

we’ve made it fifteen days without ordering out. granted, we’ve eaten at restaurants a couple more times than we normally would, but that’s okay.

i was able to try mascarpone for the first time while trying to replicate gwenyth paltrow’s mac and cheese. it turned out okay. of course it wasn’t as tasty (read bad for us) as kraft’s version, with all of the salt and yellow #5, but i felt pretty good about it.

we’re supposed to do tacos tonight!

one week down

the february challenge has been going well, i think. i haven’t felt so lazy that cutting up some veggies or heating some beans and tortillas sounds impossible.

we’ve had a couple unsuccessful meals on our together nights, but for the most part, i’ve been able to find tasty stuff to make. on saturday, we stopped at jeni st and i got a tuna steak in order to try out gwenyth paltrow’s warm niçoise salad. i also picked up some tilapia for sunday night, which i pan fried in a panko coating.

yesterday was supposed to be taco monday, but matt didn’t get home until 7:30 and one of my rules is that i can’t eat after 8pm because there’s not enough time between eating and sleeping for the calories to find their usefulness so they turn to sugars and fats (this is my non-sensical science). so, i made a personal pizza using pita as the crust.

all in all, it’s been good (i almost typed ‘food’). i do fear, however, that the folks at burrito drive will worry that something is wrong with me since they haven’t heard from me.