a friend at work was talking about how his wife participates in nanowrimo every year. 50,000 words in a month; 1,667 words a day, if you do it every day. i don’t know if i could do it, but i wonder if i shouldn’t give it a shot. maybe an auto-biography, even though it could end up being a little boring.

i have less than a week to think about it.


i should spend lunch in the break room more often. today, i revealed to a few folks my fandom of the saw series of movies. i found out one guy walked out of the first movie before it even started getting good! he wasn’t having any of my explanation that it was worth sitting through. carey elwes!

i should probably rewatch those sometime soon. matt isn’t a fan, so it’ll have to be on his worknights.

time keeps fleeting

i can’t believe it’s almost the middle of october.

after working away the summer, we have pretty much ignored the yard. the last time it got mowed was before our labor day party, and that was done by a friend who came over to help out.

soon, the furnace will be needed and the house will be all shut for five or six months, depending on mother nature’s plans. we’ll hunker down and i’ll need to find a knitting project to occupy my lap (if the cats and merle will let me) while we watch a lot of netflix.

maybe i’ll actually read books on my kindle.