well, i’ve worked three of the officially-scheduled sundays so far, and haven’t messed up too badly. i did accidentally order someone a half b&g instead of a half e/b because i wrote it down wrong. she ate it anyway because it took longer than it should and she was starving.

i can no longer drink bloody marys. i think i’ve made 847 of them.

it’s been nice to work with matt. everyone seems to think it’s adorable.

i haven’t had to cut anyone off or kick anyone out, but that would be rare on a sunday anyway.

it’s june already!

matt scolded me for basically abandoning my blog.

it’s true, i have. for some reason, i don’t squeeze the things that i like to do into my daily routine, but i should. i started a little diary to keep track of food and sleep that i’ve mostly ignored since march. i haven’t done my cartoons in forever. i haven’t blogged.

in recent news: i took matt’s bday off this past wednesday, and we spent the whole day together. sometimes it amazes me how well we get along. i guess that’s how healthy relationships work. which is good, since we’ll be working brunches together for the next 11 weeks. maybe i can use the pub as fodder for content; something interesting is bound to happen each week.

here’s a cute dog: