keeping the car

after reviewing my idea with a handful of people, and having come to the realization that i just paid it off, there is really no good reason to get rid of my car and a couple of good reasons to keep it.

that said, i paid off my car! it was only $135 a month, but now i can put that toward credit cards (yea, more than one) or sushi.

also, i’m not sure if it’s because i’ve retired the long john’s, or if they’re just wearing out, but my pants seem to be a little bigger than usual.

from four to two

wheels that is.

lately, i’ve been seriously considering getting rid of my car. it might just be the nice weather talking, but i think it would make me feel better to not have it.

we only use it on saturday’s when feeling lazy about going to woodman’s, and we only really *need* it to go get dog and cat food.

so, i’ve been researching the community car program in madison. it’s $35 a year, and $10/hour for the non-prepaid plan. we could consider the “freedom 500” plan, which is $500 a year and billed at an hourly rate of $8 until the money is used up or the year ends, whichever comes first.

if we needed to go out of town or something, i could rent a car for $30 a day.

i’m still on the fence, but about 75% over to the other side.


i can’t believe it’s april already. i know my birthday week is going to come and go as quickly as it always does. i’m fortunate to be able to take the whole week off from the “new” place. i hope that trend continues.

i’m looking forward to, hopefully, a nice dinner. i also plan to get the freelance gig taken care of since i don’t think i could keep myself from working the whole week.

i’d like to clean up the house, too. it’ll be a good time to open the windows, mop the kitchen, and purge unneeded items before our party. because, after memorial day weekend, matt will be working saturdays and i’ll be working sundays and i doubt we’ll get much more done beyond that. i hope we can keep up with the garden and yard.


just finished my first bartending shift at the tavern; my feet are sore.

also, i’m supposed to be working on an estimate for a freelance gig.

idk how i went and got myself all busy.