cat’s outta the bag!


i revealed my “what’s in my bag?” post to a co-worker today. i also told another co-worker why my non-given name is spelled the way it is (because the domain was available!).

add that to the list of reasons i love my job. aside from being able to bike to work, i’m constantly challenged, i get to work with very smart folks, the projects are interesting and varied, and i get to work from home tomorrow because i want to.

i woke up with a smile this morning, thinking about how much better life is when you don’t dread your job. i even tried, for about 30 seconds, to come up with something i didn’t like. i couldn’t, so i stopped trying.

let there be light

it’s really nice that it’s light out after i leave work, and after this weekend, it’ll be light longer. my time in the winter always feels more fleeting. especially around the holidays, when it’s shared with many others.

next week, it’s supposed to hit 50°! it’ll feel good to be able to bike to work without layers and layers and boots and covering every square inch of skin.

work is going okay. the big project that was supposed to launch last week didn’t, and one of our developers has a health issue so he resigned. it left a couple of the senior devs piled upon.

we took merle and burnie to the vet last weekend, and were told that merle has luxating patella in both legs and one of them is worse and she’ll need a $1,200 surgery. :/