the holiday break was a bit of a blur, and i’ve been back to work for two weeks already. i’m having an okay time at managing one project, and am getting better and better at reading and writing jquery… i’m even writing a little more php than i would have been comfortable doing a year ago.

it’s hard to believe it’s been almost 10 months since i was laid off; that version of me seems like a lifetime ago.

my 401k contribution kicked in this month, and health insurance went up, so i need to hunker down and stop ordering out for dinner. my bank statement looks like it belongs to someone who doesn’t know how to cook:






it’s hard to want to hang out in the kitchen for another hour when i get home, especially since matt and i don’t tend to enjoy the same meals. however, i haven’t been employing the use of my slow cookers (yep, plural) as much this winter. perhaps it is time to revisit the six or seven cookbooks that i own which are specifically for individual-sized slow cookers.

i got the bean recipe from the head chef at mickey’s and made that plus rice for lunches last week; it was delish.

maybe it’s time to take my friend and old co-worker’s advice and start a youtube channel of my weekly lunch-making activity and the results.

or maybe i should just blog about it to get some content up here more than once a month. :)

additionally, i’ve still been biking! i worked from home last week wednesday, when the wind chill was -100°, and that was nice, but i’m not as efficient at home since i only have one monitor and a billion animals vying for my attention. i also got sick of changing flats (or paying someone to since i’m lazy), so i bought studded tires from my pals at revolution cycles. now, i’m trying to decide if i should just leave those on my orange bike for winter and use the other bike for spring/summer/fall or if i should change the tires when winter is surely over.