what’s in my bag

here’s what i submitted to the cool tools “what’s in your bag” series.
i carry a lot of items with me; some of my friends call me swiss-army-bekee because it’s likely that i have the resources or tools to help them in a pinch.
i’ve had my share of Timbuk2 bags, and have been using this one for a little over four years now, it’s their Classic Messenger – Small. it has all the right pockets and zippers and enough space for a big haul.

little bag

I’m not sure I can put into words why most of these things are useful as a lot of them are in case of an emergency or an immediate need that I haven’t had but am preparing for, but I’ll do my best, albeit sarcastically.


little bag contents

i’m also a web developer in the midwest who has recently had the good fortune to land a great job that i can bike to year-round. as you can imagine, nothing else is going to fit in that bag up there, so i bought a Classic Messenger – Large. when it arrived, i was sorely disappointed in the lack of internal pockets. so, i came up with the best solution i could, and that was to carry the Small bag inside of the Large when commuting to work!

big bag and contents

it seems crazy, i know, but i kind of am. so, inside this bag (aside from the other bag) is as follows:
  • Dog keyfob http://www.defensedevices.com/dog-defense-keychain.html. I bought this when I bought my house seven years ago, thinking I’d need it in the neighborhood on dog walks. Thankfully, I’ve never had to use it.
  • Gerber shard http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002ZK45IQ. This tops EDC lists all the time, but I have yet to have occasion to use it.
  • Nomad Key Charger http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IIYAIVG. Invaluable. I got so tired of untangling the white Apple cord to charge my phone at work. I’ve read reviews that the part that attaches to a keychain breaks easily, but I haven’t had that experience.
  • True Cash Stash http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002JUDJBG. It’s nice to know that I have $20 hidden with my keys, just in case.
  • Key ring kit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0057OIR2C. I’ve found these keyring attachments to be useful, both for easy removal of items (the Nomad charger, for one), but also to differentiate similar-looking keys from one another.
  • Timbuk2 bag rain cover http://www.timbuk2.com/messenger-bag-backpack-rain-cover/884.html?dwvar_884_size=7&dwvar_884_color=8004. Works great! Even though Timbuk2 bags are water resistant, sometimes I’m carrying a laptop in addition to my iPad and don’t want to chance anything getting wet.
  • Park Tool bike tools http://www.amazon.com/PARKTOOL-AWS-13-MICRO-HEX-WRENCH-RING/dp/B00NMUYYZM. I just got this because my local bike mechanic has it on his keys and I want to look cool.
  • emergency poncho (see explanation above)
  • Planet Bike 5-beamer
  • Planet Bike rear light
  • Arcteryx rain jacket (when weather dictates – not pictured)
  • Marmot rain pants (when weather dictates – not pictured)
  • Genuine Innovations tire repair wallet http://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Innovations-Tire-Repair-Inflation/dp/B009ZMYQ18. I just bought this and haven’t had to use it.

silly, silly brain

i keep having dreams that i’m back at the ol’ place. it’s dark, dreary, and boring. the people are usually walking around like unmotivated (except for by their task master) zombies and no one is happy.

and then i wake up, smiling.

holiday break

i’m really looking forward to the time off that i’m able to take between christmas eve and the 5th of january. lots of sleeping in, and lots of time with matt and the animals.

i think, every year, i come up with an aggressive plan to clean or organize or modify; this year is no different!

here’s what i would like to accomplish in the almost-two-weeks off:

clean study

get rid of things i no longer need (three-year old broken computer, computer parts that don’t fit anything anymore)

organize and move items that are in the way


power-clean the floor

consider relocating the toaster oven since it barely gets used

we have a nice, metal shelf from a friend who moved, and i think i want it to replace the shelving situation in front of the window.


put away clothes and pack up items (for st. vinny’s) that no longer fit or that i haven’t worn in a couple of years


clean up the general area at the base of the steps

get new insulation since the mice have ruined most of it between the foundation and where the house starts

what’s in my bag

i need to catalog and find links to the items that i carry on a daily basis, then take a series of photographs and write something up to submit to cool tools. this will be at least a four-hour project.

i think that’s about it; i’ll wait til matt reads the list. :)

come on, brain!

for some reason today, i can’t get my brain to work. i’m supposed to be starting on a new project and i can’t seem to get the traction i need to just. begin.

i feel almost like i’m floating or on a boat or something. i’m not sure if it’s because i’ve been working on one project for so long and it’s almost so close to being over that i just can’t switch gears.

i got sushi for lunch, hoping the fish would help, but it hasn’t so far.

the year of the blur

i can’t believe it’s december already. i also can’t believe that i no longer work at a place where the level of stress increases 180% between thanksgiving and new year’s. i can’t believe how much more relaxed and calm and centered i am now compared to 365 days ago.

i also can’t believe how long it had been since i’d seen matt’s chin:


i worked from home the day before thanksgiving in order to facilitate making my ramen noodle salad without having to stress about it after work. merle and i were both kinda chilly (i keep the thermostat at 60°; come on, wear layers!), so she hopped on my lap and i pulled my hoodie over her.


here she is, being cute as all get-out on thansgiving. i don’t think george really likes her much, but he put up with sharing the chair.


and here is our resident fatty tuna. he’s the biggest of the cats and has, admittedly, gained quite a bit of weight at our house. we need to find some “lite” cat food that doesn’t cost twice as much per pound as mounds’ cat food.