what’s in your bag

i keep meaning to catalog and participate in cool tools’ what’s in your bag? series of posts. it’s a feature on his site, reminiscent of timbuk2’s whats in your bag and part of the every day carry phenomenon. the difference between cool tools and the other sites is that they’ll give you $100 if they feature your bag; and my bag is nothing if not featurable.

i started a list of components and quickly became overwhelmed with the thought of pulling everything out of the pockets in order to photograph, and then putting it all away, back in the right spots.

in work-related news, i’ve been made project manager for one of our design-firm clients and it’s gotten me a little stressed out (among other personal issues). new projects/situations usually do this.

i’ll leave you with a photo of merle. she did this to herself.



all the animals like being in the bedroom now. it’s so cozy up there, even nero will put up with humans to be warm.


i started a sweater for merle. she’s not made for this kind of weather.


matt put a tie on nora last night. she was very proud.


during our errands this weekend, we stopped at farm and fleet because i am not allowed to steal matt’s carhartt hoodie. so, i got one of my own.

this morning, i looked at my weather app and it told me that it felt like -3° and i cringed. thankfully, i’ve been preparing for this weather for a while now and can’t believe that i ever biked in the winter without a balaclava. it’s been a life-changer.

i opted not to wear the carhartt because i’ve been getting too warm by the time i get to work, this morning was no exception. since the wind chill wasn’t going to let up all day, i wore the snow pants and it was as if it was 32° out. also, they fit better than they did last winter, which means all this biking is having a positive impact on my midsection.

pictures, as promised

cutest tiny dog ever:


cutest magic opponent ever:


standing desk!




leaf hopper?




she steals the heating pad from me every night:




another annual lutefisk dinner came and went


mom’s cousin even came to give it a try


it’s already mid-november

time is fleeting.

the summer flew by almost without warning. our second csa came to an end recently. i still have purple potatoes to use up. hopefully they’ll stick around until thanksgiving cuz i want to scallop them.

jones is getting more and more grey around the face. nora’s lips are getting just slightly more old-lady-dogish.

winter has finally arrived, it’ll be a high of 29° today and there’s a light dusting on the ground.

my biking to work hasn’t been too much of a pain yet. other than the fact that i’m more sweaty when i get to work than i was in the summer. lots of layers.

last winter, i had thought of making some sort of wool “skirt” to wear around my pants because my thighs get cold. mom gave me her snow pants, but this skirt-thing would be handy for when it’s not really that cold out. maybe we’ll have to stop at joanne fabrics while running errands this weekend.

it’s been a little while

i’ve been super busy at work, and sitting down to type anything when i get home isn’t on my mind.

some disappointing events have occurred in the last couple days and it’s been a little hard for me to concentrate.

other than that, i got my new bike two saturdays ago and put it together, then finished it off with the reflectors and bike light holder last weekend. now, since the weather is about to turn below freezing in a week, i’ve had to research balaclavas and foot covers and maybe new gloves. thankfully, mom gave me a pair of snow pants last year that will keep me toasty. hopefully.

if you’re lucky, i’ll post some dog pictures soon.